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Boosting equality

On this page we share especially the outcomes of the Guardians of Equality project, which were primary local activities in the format of presentations and workshops at schools and youth houses, as well as resource material which was used during our activities, and gender equality guidelines.

For general information about the project and pictures from the international activities, please click HERE!


We are thankful to the project funders for making it possible to carry our Guardians of Equality. Erasmus+ supported young people doing the youth exchange in Inari and Norplus have supported a bigger education framework, including local activities and dissemination. 

Local activities

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Many local activities such as presentations and workshops were held in the Nordic and Baltic countries during autumn 2018 and have continued now and then also in 2019. You can also follow visibility of the project by at #guardiansofequality 

Resource material

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A walk & talk session for getting into the theme inclusion and equality

1 Getting into the theme

Session plan for introduction session to the gender equality theme

2a Introduction session

Introduction presentation to gender equality

2b Presentation for the introduction session

Exercise for going deeper into gender equality

3 Taking a stand

World café exercise about gender equality in different situations in life.

4 Gender Equality and life

1,5 day long simulation about inclusion/exclusion in gender and ethnic context.

5 Walk of Life

A shorter version of the one above (2 sessions).

6 Exclusion breakfast

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